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Hey design and business community! It’s been a while. Here’s what’s going on at Pow.

We have recently marked our 3rd year in Portland, Oregon. Woo hoo! After the uncertainty that comes with moving a business across the continent, I can confidently say that we’ve successfully settled in. We’ve got a great team, a beautiful space and wonderfully collaborative clients.

We continue to evolve. And now we’re knee-deep into the process of balancing client focus with internal brand development. We will soon launch a new Pow website that will feature case studies along with more regular blog postings.

The site rebuild inspired us to revisit our core values. We’re a different company now than we were when headquartered in New York. For starters, we’re a bigger team and we’re also more agile and collaborative. If you’re in a similar place and have not yet read Gino Wickman’s Traction, I’d recommend you take a look. The book, and especially the exercises, helped me distill what Pow has become. So, here’s our newly drafted organizational values:

Prioritize Client Delivery

We are hyper-focused on every aspect of client delivery. And we exceed expectations. That’s just part of what makes Pow work.

Be Proactive Partners

We believe in speaking up, raising flags where things don’t make sense and providing informed recommendations. We have a point-of-view; that’s why people choose to work with us.

Make Exceptional Work

We care about our work. And while we have a ton of visual design expertise, we also know that good work also includes research, strategy and content. As a result, our solutions are functional, usable and beautiful.

These three principles – making exceptionally good work, being proactive about getting the work done, and focusing on deliverables – are the building blocks underlying our process.

Of course, we also have amazing people on our team. My colleagues at Pow are smart, agile and collaborative. Our partners are committed, involved and dedicated to excellence.

In addition to brand development, values, and business growth, the nature of our work is also evolving. While we’re still producing design deliverables and artifacts, we’re also developing workflows that support clarity and collaboration among design, business and technology teams. We’re making prototypes that demonstrate how to harness community conversation via network TV. We’re working with nonprofits to help ensure a healthy and vibrant environment. And we’re helping non-tech organizations use technology to communicate and work more effectively and efficiently.

One More Thing

When we left NYC, Pow was a boutique visual design studio. We have since evolved and now provide a range of consultancy services, working hand-in-hand with our clients to find diverse solutions to their complex problems. We help our clients succeed. That’s our value. Of course, we still happen to make really great design artifacts. But now, we have a new vision:

Pow Interactive helps organizations implement change by providing impactful user experience.

So there you have it. It’s the same Pow, but slightly more enlightened, with a revised set of values, complete with a more focused vision.

So stay tuned. Good things to come.

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