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For four-plus years now, Pow has delivered design solutions for a variety of clients, ranging from large corporations to smaller organizations and start-ups. The output has included user interface design for web and mobile, end-to-end branding systems, and everything in-between. And we’ve helped shape a business model (or two) along the way. We’ve also greatly expanded our development capabilities and technical expertise over our company’s short lifetime and expect to continue to grow as we undertake new challenges and improve upon our skill sets.

For anyone interested in learning more about Pow Interactive, I intend this blog to show a more personal side of our company and the people who make it great. The plan is that everyone on the team will be posting regularly. We’ll talk about what’s going on, what we’re into and sometimes what we’re not into. I hope things will stay loose and fun, but also show how dedicated and talented our team is. I can’t really set expections beyond that because I’m not entirely sure how things will unfold, but I encourage anyone interested to join in the discourse via the comments.

It’s hard to kick off this website and blog without mentioning that we recently relocated the company from Brooklyn, New York to Portland, Oregon. I was lucky enough to have some key team members make the move with me, which I am forever thankful for. The reasons for the move (for me) are personal and worthy of a separate blog post. For now, suffice it to say we’re entering a new chapter in the Pow story, complete with new Oregonian team members as well as a new office space.

Let the blogging begin!


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