Designing Mobile Finance

Financial advising for an increasingly mobile world

Whether it’s meeting with clients over lunch or at the golf course — today’s finance professionals require mobility. Today’s tech makes that possible.

At Pow, we’ve designed for these user experiences. We know that advisors need their clients’ financials at their fingertips. We know they need even more functionality, like being able to access their clients’ investment strategies or quickly convey a risk potential — all to support the conversation at lunch.

User interfaces within mobile finance must be designed to reduce the cognitive load. Advisors need to be able to find the right data quickly and without being overwhelmed or distracted by information density.

Less screen real estate means designers must prioritize and distill complexity into clear and intuitive layouts. Use case objectives must be crisp. Information must progressively disclose across flows. Tappable elements need to have the right affordances and target sizes. Tables should dynamically respond. Performance shouldn’t degrade on mobile, but rather be optimized for mobile.

Digital natives think and breathe mobile. Desktop computing still has its place, but finance professionals know that to keep pace they must adapt, and having the right tools to support these face-to-face meetings is essential.

An effective user experience plays a critical role in strengthening that customer relationship. That’s why partnering with the right design team matters. At Pow, we know mobile and we listen closely to what our clients tell us. We make it our mission to know the business objectives and project requirements, as well as the mobile context. We also champion the user and advocate for a user-centered approach. Design is our passion but the barometer for success is measured by the users of the products we design.

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