Making Finance Human

Simplifying complex information through user experience design

Throughout important client dialogues, financial advisors need well-designed applications to access their clients’ complete financial picture at a moment’s notice. Having the right data points at their fingertips allows FAs to make quick and accurate decisions — essential for building and reinforcing client relationships.

Our goal: to transform a massive amount of financial information, real-time analytics and cold hard numbers into a format that is personal, usable and relevant in a financial services setting. The designer’s role is to make client data clear and comprehensible. Key data points should be emphasized. The skillful design of data visualization ensures that complex information is distilled into meaningful summations.

Our solution: We designed a sophisticated dashboard user interface that provides an at-a-glance view of all client financials. Our UI surfaces the right data points into bite-sized chunks of content, channeling data through consumable dashboard widgets with charts and graphs to supplement.

By helping our clients improve how they work with their own clients, we’ve helped to secure our client’s ongoing success as a leading financial services institution and gain the recognition and trust they deserve.

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