The Right Actions at the Right Time

Leveraging artificial intelligence and user experience for maximum impact

For financial advisors, effectively managing their book of business is critical to a successful practice. Maintaining portfolio performance is demanding and advisors run the risk of being overextended.

Recognizing the need to attend to the complete book of business — and not just the portion of top earners, leading investment services firms are now turning to artificial intelligence to help advisors better support their client communications. The right communications system can not only help maintain valued client assets, but can also assist with building trust through improved conversations that provide sensible and relevant new opportunities.


Increase in traffic with feature that intelligently promotes relevant actions

That’s where Pow comes in. We partnered with our client to design a user experience that integrates AI into a suite of application features that provides for an improved system of advisor actions.

Our newly designed Action Center leverages sophisticated algorithms to help determine frequency and relevancy of communications and even help to assess risk. This in turn, helps to provide structure and guidance around which clients to call and even what to discuss.

Although artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can make a lasting impact on an advisory practice’s bottom line, AI is not enough on its own. An effective user experience is critical in helping financial service teams to better understand the tools at their fingertips, and in turn, to optimize workflow.

POW provided this solution from soup to nuts. Through research and testing, we designed, validated and iterated upon our work, ultimately making for a better user experience and successfully augmenting our client’s financial advisor workflow.

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